The Feels

I woke up

Just like every other day

I dolled up real good

My bun on fleek my face on some natural beat

Red lipstick on for some heat

My earphones with me to lock me out of the real

On my way to take a stroll by myself

To get a glimpse of the beauty above and around

And feel the breeze on my skin

Maybe get my stiff a little bit fit

Yes i did

Slow walks to nowhere in particular

The music so deep my smile could not resist

As well as my emotion as the reality set in

Things became clearer than I had known

So many things around me I never noticed

I looked around

I saw

I felt

The woman with a child on her back

Sleeping soundly like the world was extinct

The man selling roasted corn by the market

I couldn’t help but get a piece

The big machines filling up the road

And a bit of envy suddenly clouded in me

Yes I did

I heard

The siren from a far

The insults from the nearest

The silence from the heavy weighed

The cries of the younglings

The forced laughs from the tired

The hoots from the impatient

So much happening at once

So little to dare care

And there I was

Burying my mind deep in the rhythm

Having myself some me time

Grinding to forget everything ahead of me

But what do I know?

Different people

Different feelings

Different expressions

Different truths

Different battles


Every being with one

Just one

I was seven songs in

Maybe the lyrics gave me those kinda feels

Maybe the breeze cleared off my heat

I am still not aware

But it felt refreshing



And that was me

Taking it all in

Bit by bit

And still.


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