I wish I knew

I wish I had spoken my mind

I wish he’d tell me

I wish she’d be more open

I wish I wish I wish

Endless wishes with no finale

Exactly what happens when the truth is concealed

For the best or the worst

We decide depending on what could be lost

Or what could be gained

Till hell eventually breaks loose

But life is a scary mystery

How in the world the truth emerges

The source being the obvious

Humans being humans

The mistakes

Actions and words

And suddenly everything is as clear as widowed sky

The result is tragic

If not tragic, the complete opposite

Why do we hide it?

Wouldn’t it be easier to reveal and deal?

Wouldn’t it be easier to hurt and heal?

Wouldn’t it be easier to hear and feel?

Just as soon as it should be

The earlier the better

From the horses’s mouth even best

The agony is less

The joy fills the space

Otherwise very stabbing if kept among the shadows

After the reveal comes the free

A kind of free that’s peaceful

The kind of free I will always demand

Tell me you don’t love me

I will learn to love myself more

Tell me what’s with the lies

I will learn not to loathe you

Tell me you don’t like my choices

I’ll then consider your doctrine

Tell me you cheated on me

I’ll leave you to exhaust your carnal desires till doomsday

Tell me you love me

I’ll appreciate your very being if you mean it

Tell me what’s real

The rest is up to me

Time is a gem

Both mine and yours

The wishes need to stop

The relations need to grow

The truth needs to flow

For me

For you



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