Agnes Cecile’s World of Watercolor

Just as I had imagined

The feeling was just as ecstatic

For so long I ached

How I wished I could catch a glimpse

If not in sight then in my sleep

My dear beloved

The days have been rugged

I’ve tried my best to toughen

But I’ve failed myself numerously

Your presence I so much seek

Your absence I seldom need

Even a peek for my spirit to indulge

Finally the day so long awaited

You came to me in a way not expected

You smiled at me like we’ve met in antiquity

The words you spoke to me in perpetuity engraved

My eyes could see through your blinkers

Your smile could tell what I couldn’t

Your nerves at war I could sense

Oh dear me

My beats at heart can’t slack

My long time wish just happened

My days will now not seem so rugged

My cherished

Thank you for granting my wish

Indefinitely I’ll reminisce this

In my prayers you’ll never cease to exist

In my heart you’ll hold the vast piece

Let’s meet again I plead

I will wait for as long as you need

Till next time, my King.


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