Taking stock: July 2018

Hello everyone!

I hope so far 2018 has been good to you. For me, at this point, cha muhimu ni uhai (being alive is all that matters). Anyway, it’s been a while since I wrote anything that’s not poetry because poetry has become my new thing and I really like it. Putting my words in poetic form makes much more sense to me. So, I’ve decided to write a blog post on Taking Stock after planning on it for few months now.

Lets take stock!

Break habit: of sleeping late. I’ve been training myself to avoid my phone when it’s bed-time because, like many, I’m obsessed with my phone. Sleep is crucial to my well being and I want to have more sleep, more rest and less fatigue.

Create habit: of sleeping early. Also, reading books. It’s been ages since I read any book and so I’m trying to create a liking to books.

Enjoying: my own company. I’m not sure if it’s a phase or just part of growth, but I’m really liking my own company, a lot. No mood to go out; I find comfort in just staying indoors and watching a movie/drama, reading, writing or sleeping or shopping on my own. It never gets boring since I do what I enjoy doing.

Eating: Avocados. Everyday. With any meal.

Drinking: Lots of water. Hot chocolate at night because the weather is not close to being friendly.

Reading: “Into the magic shop: A neurosurgeon’s quest to discover the mysteries of the brain and the secrets of the heart” ~James R. Doty, MD

Wanting: a camera. Pairs of heels even though I can’t walk in them.

Playing: BTS Album, Love Yourself: Tear. Yes, I play it everyday. Why? Because it’s BTS people!

Wishing: I had money and more money. I need to travel to somewhere nice, anywhere. I need a vacation. I want a vacation. God, I know you heard me.

Following: Mr. Kate. FYI, Mr. Kate is a woman and she does really cool and epic decorations of people’s rooms and houses. Check out her Youtube and Instagram if interested, both @Mr. Kate. Also, Notjessfashion. Like the name says, her thing is fashion. Her style is to die for. Her Instagram, @notjessfashion.

Considering: having an art wall in my small house. After watching Mr. Kate I have been inspired to buy some frames and do some DIYs for the art. Also, transitioning to natural hair. These naturalistas are giving me life.

Celebrating: the gift of life and good health. Also, the success of BTS. For those that know me (if you don’t, it’s cool), their success is my happiness.

BTS at the BBMAs, 2018

Loving: Miss. Patricia Kihoro’s videos on the Cannes Festival that was held at France. Her editing skills are no joke. She met the celebrities we meet only in our dreams like Childish Gambino, Naomi Campbell and others. She’ll really get you to envy her existence and ask yourself nlikosea wapi (where did I go wrong).

Watching: Something in the rain. I’m watching it for the second time and will probably watch it again and again. Also, Love Island Australia. This is quite some reality show!

Something in the rain

Noticing: how Kpop (Korean Pop) is getting the recognition and love it deserves at a very fast rate, thanks to BTS. Not long ago I heard BTS’ Fake Love playing at a movie shop in Nakuru and my heart almost popped out of my chest. Be woke people. Music has no barrier.

Disliking: this generation’s view on love, marriage and relationships. We are heading to the pits of hell. I wonder how bad it’s gonna get 10 years from now.

Embracing: the fact that people will disappoint me at times. It’s better not to have expectations and just wait to be surprised. Also, hiding and blocking pain from being felt doesn’t make it go away. Accept pain, feel it till it’s no longer there.

Wondering: if I’ll move back to Nairobi and how soon.

Craving: Pizza. It’s been ages y’all.

Missing: my campus days. Good times.


That’s all for Taking Stock July 2018.

#LoveYourself ❤

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