Mystery Woman

She’s not always an open book

You can never tell she’s who you need to look

Always quiet till you get her on to your hook

Usually loud when she’s with a friend or two

To some she may be a ten, I donno maybe a two

How to actually know not many figure how to

Oh well, curiosity makes them give a try or two.


Why is she mad, some will always ask

Why is she sad, they keep asking like it’s a task

Why is she quiet, others wanna grasp

Why is she a loner, an answer few wanna have

Why is she this and that, people need to learn

If you wanna know and also just a curious cat

Stop being a wonderer, go to her and ask.


“Maybe she likes fries or salad, both could do

Again maybe soul music is what she grooves to

Oh! She likes rythm and blues everyone does too

Or maybe I’m wrong what would she dance to?”

They can never tell she’s too hard to have a clue

She enjoys making them wonder; it’s crucial too

It makes it hard for people to try and fool.


“Hey there, I’m Dylan, Ryan, Justin or Drew

Nice to meet you I’m really curious to know you

You’re very beautiful and you seem pretty cool

Can I get your number then a drink or two?”

“Hey there, I’m…” she tells them with a shy look

“Nice to meet you too and thank you

Here’s my number, just a cup of coffee or two.”


The few that notice her get a chance or more

It all depends on how you come across

Trust that she can see through your flow

Whether smooth, rough or just tell and show

Not many know she’s knows hell and more

She’s mastered the art of real friends and foes

Be careful, she knows you’re a perfect don’t.


She hopes for the real and the imperfect

With a past so astonishing that she could relate

With the know how on a deeply broken soul

And a personality so humble, not so very foul

She’s aware those are traits not easy to find

But she’s willing to try like it’s some sorta grind

Till she gives up because she’s not that blind.


That’s the mystery woman not many know

Well maybe the face, the body and all that bore

Maybe the lucky girl will be her best friend

Maybe the lucky guy will be her best to come yet

I say lucky because she’s well aware she’s rare

If you roll with her it’s because she sees you well

That’s her beauty, the best mystery you can bet.



Picture by: Victoria Stoyanova, 1968 ~ Scent of a Woman

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