New Year Resolutions

I am not among those who sit down at a certain date in December to make/write down new year resolutions. The reason is simple. I’ll not remember or adhere to 90% of them. I think most people relate to this. I do not like promising myself that next year will be my year. I prefer waiting to see what life brings along and face it as it comes. However, there are certain aspects, or rather, resolutions, that I tend to try to adhere to in the coming years. These resolutions are made up of experiences and whatever I’ve learnt over the years. Every year we learn and experience different things, some of which are negative, some positive. Below are some of the things I’ve learnt in 2017, merged together with the previous years, and which I hope to carry on to next year and the years after. Hopefully, they will also make an impact on someone else too.

  • Your flaws make you real.

We can’t have it all in life. We can’t be perfect or have perfect lives. Being a human being entails having one or two flaws that make you real; whether it’s your accent, not being able to express your feelings, your height that makes you show your ID in clubs almost everytime even when you’re 102 years old, your acne, your plus size, your one-pack, being skinny even though you can eat two large pizzas twice a day… you name it. Trying to be perfect is against human nature because God made us imperfect, beautiful and unique. Even roses grow with thorns. Embrace your flaws and love them just like God loves them.

  • If you want to do something, do it. NOW.

Life is too short. I intend to make my days on earth worth living in any manner possible. Happiness is paramount to my existence. Whatever makes me happy is what I will strive to do, whether people understand it or not. At the end of the day, it’s my life. I’m the one living it.

  • If your personality is trash, be gone.

Sometimes you meet people who look beautiful or good-looking on the outside, judging a book by its cover. They make you dream, hope, wish, want and thrive towards being a part of their lives. Then they start talking, or you get to know them better; the cursing in each and every sentence, the bragging of a new Iphone they bought (while having a two-month rent debt), the drinking and smoking 24/7, bragging about the number of girls they’ve slept with, the hating on somebody’s body size…et cetera. Their true colours “shine bright like a diamond” and their dark souls emerge. According to me, it doesn’t matter if you look like Ryan Reynolds or Wilmer Valderrama or Park Hyung Sik or Michael Ealy. If your personality is trash, you’re TRASH all round. I’ll give zero fucks about your appearance and you need to change or disappear from my life. Period.

  • Tribalism is a NO NO.

This is a disease and the sooner we deal with it and cure it, the better. Kenyans know what I’m referring to. It annoys the crap out of me that if I want to look for a job I have to apply to a company owned by a Karanja or Chebet and not a company owned by Otieno or Mueni, just because I’m Muthoni. It beats me that some of us have to ignore and forget about any other tribe other than our own so as to obtain blessings from our families to get married; as if Raila/Uhuru is going to contribute to the dowry or be present at the birth of our children or deal with our marital problems. Politics should be left to the politicians and should not affect your personal life, your happiness and your whole existence. Tribalism is stupid and I won’t be part of it. Whether people think I’m being naive is not my concern.

  • If you wanna travel to (insert place), Go. Like Yesterday.

My friends and I had been hoping to visit Mombasa soon after the bar exams on 1st December. However, due to the busy year, we made no arrangements whatsoever apart from informing our parents about the trip and hoping they don’t change their minds, because you know, funds and everything. After the bar exams, we had no idea where we would stay in Mombasa, we hadn’t booked the means of transport we were to use, we had not done any shopping… in short, nothing was done. We weren’t sure that trip was going to happen. But within a week, everything was done and we went to Ukunda (Mombasa). There was no way we were gonna let go of that trip even if the SGR was totally booked till after Christmas and the flights were not affordable/available. We took a bus, went to Coast and the 3 days were worth it. So, pack your bags and travel to wherever you want to go. It will be worth it. Furthermore, the best experiences are the ones you never saw coming.

  • Never give up on love.

This might be clichè or meaningless to some people but, love exists. True love exists. I have seen people have it so I know. Even if your heart is broken too many times, don’t give up. The One is out there probably having their time wasted by someone else, or they’re wasting someone else’s time, or trying to build themselves first, or just trying to find you. You have to kiss a few frogs before prince charming shows up. At the end of the day, if two people are meant to be, life will always bring them together.

  • Getting through law school is a miracle.

Let me just say that being in law school will make you feel a lot of things. It made me feel like I do not belong there, depressed, like I should have done Travel and Tourism, I should leave school and just get married to any rich guy that likes me. I started fishing for my talents that I should consider making use of. I would look through Vera Sidika’s and Huddah’s Instagram accounts and think hard 😅. I’m serious. If you get through law school, thank God, hope for the best and know you can overcome any storm.

  • Enjoy being alone.

I love being alone most of the time. It gives me a chance to be ugly, read a novel, dress like I’m homeless, watch my Korean Dramas and listen to Kpop, update my blog, watch weird stuff on Youtube, sleep, binge-watch movies, do some shopping at my own pace and liking etc. It’s refreshing and it gives me space to do things I love without being judged or having any destructions. This applies to when you are single as well. It’s an opportunity to love and worry about just you and not which bitches he might be texting or DMing on Instagram. Learn to enjoy your own company.

  • Count your blessings.

2017 is coming to an end and I’m still alive and healthy. I’ve not been bed ridden at any point. I’ve had a good time with my friends and I’ve overcome a few storms. I’ve gained and lost important people in my life. I have loved and been loved. Now, these are blessings I do not take for granted. God has been there as always. What more could I ask for?

  • Strive to be happy.

Last but not least, be happy. Love yourself, do what you want to do, laugh all you want, have a good time with your friends and family, travel, eat good food, get tipsy sometimes, work out, dance to every kind of music, get enough sleep, do crazy but fun things, apply for that job you’ve been aiming for, spend money, fall in love and pray. Life is too short. Dont worry. Be happy.😁

🍻🍾🍻🍾🍻. To a good life.

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